In love... with Europe

Published on Tuesday 12 June 2012

I am an infinite lover. And a traveller. All too fitting...

Each time, I find myself falling for the beauty of simple things. Each time, I open my heart to new places that will never replace the ones that I already know but, to the contrary, that add to all this joy contained in me.

Last week, I fell in love again with Europe, while looking at this video :

To me, it’s all in it’s paved roads, it’s landscaspes sometimes like ours but at the same time so different, it’s maturity, it’s architecture, it’s creativity and it’s history. I have loved Europe from our very first encounter, almost 15 years ago.

Of course, I do not know her entirely. Probably never will. But I could not possibly do without it’s sun-filled Italy, the excentricity of it’s England, it’s spanish museums, it’s Christmas alsacian markets, it’s back-alleys and it’s german gems, the sweetness of it’s Brussels, it’s dutch madness, it’s gastronomy, it’s charm and it’s smell.

I was walking in the german streets of Leipzig only 48 hours ago, hands in my pockets and light-hearted. I met new and old friends, from all around the world, shared with them more than just a coffee or a beer. Together, for a couple of hours, a couple of days, we were a new family united by the sheer joy of feeling at home, away from it.

Europe, so far but so close at the same time, will always allure me. And, when I leave, I always have a hard time letting go.

It is it’s green scottish fields that haunt me, it’s beautiful cathedrals and it’s Springs that never end, it’s warm breath, it’s golden embraces in the heart of Provence or Bretagne.

Europe will always be a part of me whatever happens. It made me a lover, a traveller and, hopefully, a better person.

Yet, I know so little about her.




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Blog: In love... with Europe

I am an infinite lover. And a traveller. All too fitting...